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Classic Christian Rock Radio is an internet radio station located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  It has it's beginnings way back in September of 2001 in Lancaster, California.  Mr. Bill read an article in a technology magazine about internet radio and Live365.  He had always had a love of radio going back to his days as a child, though he had never worked in radio.  He had in recent years developed an interest in current Christian rock music thanks to his oldest son being involved in a Christian band at the time.  So Mr. Bill thought to himself, "Hey I can do this", and he started a station on Live365 called High Desert Christian Rock.  It was a way of sharing his love of Christian rock music with others around the world.

As he added music to his station's library over the years, he began to develop an interest in the history of Christian rock and in the Christian rock music of the 1980's and early 1990's.  There were a number of internet stations (and terrestrial stations) at the time that were doing current Christian music, but almost no one was playing what Mr. Bill called "classic Christian rock".  So on April 6, 2004, he pulled the plug on High Desert Christian Rock and Classic Christian Rock Radio was born.

For many years the station's music library was somewhat limited, but that has changed in recent years as Mr. Bill was able to retire from his regular job in 2013, and has been able to focus more on the station and expanding the music library.  As of 2021 there are over 11,000 songs in the library.

Mr. Bill began doing live shows twice a week in 2006, and continues that to this day (for a brief period of time, he did three live shows a week).  Special programs, including a few syndicated shows, were added to the weekend schedule in 2012.  In 2016, a once a year GoFundMe campaign was added to help fund the increasing costs of running Classic Christian Rock Radio.  This fundraiser is held each year during the month of April.  In June 2017, Geoff Cooper was added as an additional on air personality to expand the number of live shows.  In November 2017, Geoff started doing artist interviews for the station.  These interviews are featured on the Time Machine program on Sunday nights.  A podcast page was added to the station in 2018 so that listeners could listen to Geoff's interviews (without music) anytime they wanted.

In May 2019, Classic Christian Rock Radio joined Radio Coalition, a non-profit 501(c)(6) organization of webcasters whose mission is to ensure and broaden public exposure and access to diverse, informative, and entertaining internet radio programs by fostering a network of independent webcasters through resource and information sharing, educational opportunities, and collaborative community outreach.

In March 2021, Mr. Bill moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado, and that became the new home base for Classic Christian Rock Radio.  Mr. Bill continues to work hard to improve the station and expand the music library. At Classic Christian Rock Radio, our goal is to “keep the music alive.”

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